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Anglophone School of English is a language school and training centre. The school was opened in 1996 and enjoys an excellent standard of language teaching and training courses. Located in the centre of Eger, the school serves an existence catchment area including a large part of Heves County.


It is said that education is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whilst I would not wish to arque with this sentiment, I would suggest that education is more about opportunities than a single opportunity. We believe that by providing an extensive range of opportunities; academic, sporting, social and cultural and providing children and adults with the support and guidance they need to make the most of the those opportunities, we can achieve our ultimate goal, namely to ensure that students leave Anglophone, not only with the highest possible qualifications, but having had a set of experiences that will properly prepare them for life in the 21st century. Whatever your particular needs, hopes, interests and aspirations, you will find oppurtunities for you at Anglophone. Above all, our students deserve the oppurtunity to be educated in a happy and safe enviroment. We are a warm and caring community and all who work here strive constantly to create preciesly the secure and stimulating enviroment that all students need if they are to flourish. This is an exciting school, full of oppurtinities and on behalf of the staff extend a warm invitation to all young people to come and make the most of them.

Ms. Ibolya Rüll - Headteacher

Opportunity to CHOOSE

At Anglophone students have some choice over which courses to follow. For many students courses preparing for Intermediate State Language Exams are the most suitable courses, and we offer the opportunity for pupils to study languages at different levels, such as beginners, intermediate and advanced. We are increasing the range of business language courses, the language of tourism, law, medicine, economics, trade and commerce, etc.

Opportunity to PARTICIPATE

There is such a wide variety of activities to choose from that, whatever the individual's interests, there is an ample opportunity for them to get involved. We run clubs, in-service trainings and meetings where our participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas, use and practise their language knowledge, meet native speakers. Anglophone provides its students with the opportunity to travel abroad and to host visitors from overseas during their time Anglophone. Regular visits take place to Britain.

Opportunity to PREPARE

In its courses Anglophone is to ensure that school leavers or unemployed young people are effectively prepared to be successful in whatever job they choose. As part of their preparation for employment, all participans follow a comprehensive Careers Education and Guidance course, and a Life Skill Training. This involves a programme of visits, guest speakers and work experience placements as well as individual guidance and a series of one-to-one interviews with the Careers Service.

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